Week 2 – Day 1 (or Day 8 … ) Saturday

Saturdays are wonderful! All that time – all that potential.  A wonderful re-hash of many of my favorites from last week lead me to believe that I already have some “stand-by” foods in the fridge that I can go to for quick meals.  Huzzah … wasn’t that really the point? I was able grab some shredded chicken and mix it into the remains of yesterday’s slaw, with a little added mustard – for a great, late lunch.  No drive through — no junk.  As ALTON BROWN says … just “Good Eats.”

So the countdown timer shows 28 days until SO’s return to the nest.  “They” say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become ingrained.  I am behind the schedule to get all the habits I had hoped for to kick in while I have all this time alone.  I’m doing pretty well in the cooking-to-eat-better and the-keeping-up-with-the-blog “habits” – but have not made a step toward the walking habit (get it?).  I am taking my vitamins and supplements every day (for 2 whole days) … but that exercise thing really must be added. “I’ll start tomorrow.”  Can I continue to use the “I can’t find the key to the gym excuse” especially when the weather is this nice?

I made dinner for a girl friend tonight, with whom I have been looking forward to catching up. Figured we needed something easy to put together while talking and that wouldn’t be complicated to eat. The menu:  It’s not a pizza Pizza & the Root Vegetable Puree soup.  PS Kudos to Deborah for showing me the pizza when I visited her kitchen recently!  She was a real eagle eye for hidden garlic and has a very creative knack.

Ingredients: one large pita bread (or a good soft flat bread), goat’s milk cheese (the soft kind in the pyramid container), spinach, mushrooms. (Yep they are still good after a week home from Sam’s Club).

  • Oven doesn’t need to be really hot – you just want to heat the not-a-pizza through and maybe crisp the bottom a little bit.  I set the oven to pre-heat at 350 and then turned it down when I placed the pizza on the rack.  But I am ahead of my self – 
  • Spread goat cheese on the whole pita
  • Saute the mushrooms; add the spinach near the end and continue to attend to the mix until the leaves are wilted
  • Place the spinach and mushrooms on the pita
  • Place on the rack (without a pan) and lower the heat so the pita will heat without burning.
It didn’t take long for the kitchen to smell like it was dinner time.  While the not-a-pizza was heating, I re-heated the Root Veggie Soup – again plating that with freshly chopped flat leave parsley and a little bit of fresh nutmeg.  The combination of the cheese and mushrooms on the pizza rounded out the slightly sweet soup.  Course the company made the meal.

Author: Lizzardlaw

Lawyer - Partner - Mentor - Coach - Life-long Learner - Artist I am working to develop new tools and strategies to exceed personal and professional goals. Now that I am past the 60 year mark - much of what used to work is no longer effective. Future goals involve finances to ensure a sustained retirement, personal health to enjoy that retirement and to be able to assist others, and discretionary time to do and enjoy the abundance surrounding us.

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