Day 2 – Part One

B-B-B-Bacon, Eggs and Root Vegetables Day!

The Plan:
Hormel  fully cooked bacon – why am I so late learning about you?? OK having a vegetarian boyfriend is a large part of that, but really. Really? Wow.  How easy is it to turn ho-hum eggs into something special!  Today’s culinary feats are to include this wonderful product.
  1.  Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms and, of course, just a bit of bacon – If I can refrain from eating it as I mix up the eggs.  Well, maybe I will have to wrap it in a crescent roll with a little fruit spread. Oops that is another piece in my mouth between sentences. I am thinking to leave the cheese in the icebox this morning.  Though, when eating bacon, it is hard to see the need for a trade off – I am already in over the suggested daily amounts of salt …
  2. Dinner: pressure cooked root vegetables – the goal is to ultimately make soup or a stew-like meal with them.  Still deciding.  Have parsnips, beets, carrots and maybe a turnip.  Thinking that an onion will round them out.  Adding chile after the cooking is over.

The Execution:

Breakfast  — Played around with this blog so much – the eggs never materialized (thinking about a quiche or frittata still … but I do have other things to do today).  So what I did make was my version of Pigs in a Blanket:

  1. The Stuff: 1/2 a can of crescent rolls (4), 2 slices of the above mentioned bacon, blueberry conserve.
  2. The Process:
    1. Pre-heat oven to 350 and plop the Exopat into the cookie sheet
    2. Unfold the dough and leave the two triangles linked so that there are 2 rectangles
    3. Spread the conserve lightly on one of the triangles on each, then place the bacon strip on top
    4. Role the dough over the bacon/conserve starting with the bacon side
    5. Place on mat and pop in oven for 12 mins.
    6. Drink a cup of coffee while I wait (and work on the blog some more)
    7. Once golden brown – remove from the oven and spread a bit more conserve on the top of each
  1. The result:  yum! Nice with the 2nd cup of coffee and the Sunday cross-word puzzle

Next Up?  Root Vegetables in the Pressure Cooker.