Snow Angel

Now it feels like Christmas – the snow angel has found our home again this year. A childlike activity does wonders for raising my mood and putting our blessings into perspective. The city is covered with a blanket of snow this morning. I love this town when all of the roads are white and the pinons and junipers are dropping puffs of snow as the sun warms the branches.


Starting to look a lot like Christmas …

The tree is almost completed – windows have lights or garland or both. Snow covers the yard and the sky is the blue that draws most of us back to Santa Fe. The day is ending quietly. Much remains to be done, as is ever true enough.

December Already and Still No Snow

Google Images … over Santa Fe and unfortunately, it still looks like this. Don’t know where the snow is. Just dustings and rain so far.


Winter yet?

Expectations of snow met with hours of rain. Not that I am not as appreciative of rain as I would have been of a blanket of quiet snow. But this has been a very long fall and winter is continuing to show herself as a tease.