Day 10 – Pressure Cooker 101 Continues

Pressure Cooker 101 continues this week – tonight’s experiment is BEETS.

So, I have a huge beet – some where around the size of a baseball.  (Since buying it I have learned that smaller might have been a better choice – but we have what we have.)  I also have a cauliflower head that is starting to look a bit worse for time in the vegetable bin.  I scrubbed both and placed them side-by-side on the rack in the pressure cooker.  I added about 3/4 cup to a cup of water and locked that sukka’ up.
Once the pressure indicator popped up, I turned on the timer for 10 minutes and left the cooker on high.  Hum. Well. About 5 minutes in, the thing started really hissing (for those who actually use pressure cookers on a regular basis, you know the release of excess steam means it is too hot).  I turned it down a few notches and continued the cooking until the timer said “BING!”.  I used the quick-release method (placing the pot under cold running water, lid tilting away from one’s face. 
SURPRISE!  Here is a note for all the point and/or calorie counters out there – OMG the cauliflower is fantastic.  There is nothing on it.  It is over cooked just a bit – it fell apart off of the core into large flowerets. Yummy. 
BUMMER! The beet skin was supposed to just squeeze off – didn’t.  Cut it in half and it wasn’t done.  Guess I should have cut it before it went in, because it is so large.  Nuked it for 3 minutes – still not soft in the middle. I am guessing by the time this beet is soft – it will not be edible.
So – dinner?  Left-over CLAY POT PORK, cauliflower, homemade-humus, and hot-house cucumbers.  The beets can wait.