Day 2 – Part Two

Lunch — You can take the girl out of the south … pimento cheese in a 1/2 pita with spinach leaves and a beer.  Nothing fancy – realized how hungry I was after shopping at the grocery again!
Dinner — Well, I seem to have forgotten about that tonight.  Instead I am making Rotisserie Chicken Carcass Stock. Just like it sounds – toss the chicken carcass and bits into the pressure cooker and fill no further than half-way with water.  The garlic allergy makes purchasing stock impossible.  I usually put the bones into a huge stock pot and boil all day.  Can’t wait to see what the pressure cooker can do in minutes.  Aw Crap!  Look at that – the rack is sitting on the pressure cooker instructions instead of being seated under said carcass.  Hope this doesn’t mean I really have to clean the cooker when this is over!
Beautiful – no mess.  I now have 10 cups of broth. Maybe I’ll get to those vegies tomorrow.  I’m thinking that next time I will through in some of the end bits of celery etc that I usually save for vegetable stock – and salt. But then I would have something similar to all the cans I put back thinking “I just want chicken and water”.  Can’t please me I guess.
Tomorrow – Root Vegetables, I promise.