Day 26 – Intermediate Pressure Cooking

I’ve advanced to a new stage of pressure cooking — PIP (pot in pot) or something fairly close. So what did I do? I decided to use a set of steamer baskets in the pressure cooker. I used the small set and made a single serving (for a change – no left overs).  Oh is this easy!  Note: Aunt Liz – I promise I am being careful!

Ingredients:  Salmon, mushrooms, collard green leaves, orange bell pepper, lemon juice.

Process: I had wilted the whole collard green leaves first in the pressure cooker with a standard lid and some water.  I took a leaf, split it into large pieces, and lined each of the steamer baskets with the greens (so the FISH wouldn’t stick). One steamer for the mushrooms and peppers; one steamer with the fish. Put the lid on.

Place the rack in the bottom of the pot and add water to reach 1/2 cup — I still had the water from wilting the greens.  Place the steamer on the rack. Close the pressure cooker and start the process.  Highest heat until the pressure button POPS, then turn it down as low as you can and still keep the pressure up.  5 minutes.  Take it off the heat and then cold water release.

Layer each basket on to the plate with some lemon juice.  Pretty sure this was done in less than 15 minutes.

So, again with the very, very clean vegetable based lunch … yours truly is craving red meat and some sort of sweet/gooey something.  I know I need to have more protein during the day and I am trying hard not to be bored by hard-boiled eggs.  So tonight, instead of the sweet gooey – I am having an apple and one more glass of water.  At some point, I certainly hope my body begins to appreciate all that I have stopped eating in the name of its systems health.  It can show me by melting away some inches.  

Just heard from SO!  He is in a small hotel for the first time in 5 days – on his way back to Kathmandu tomorrow.  This adventure is almost over for both of us.  Equal parts “sigh” and “yea” …


Author: Lizzardlaw

Lawyer - Partner - Mentor - Coach - Life-long Learner - Artist I am working to develop new tools and strategies to exceed personal and professional goals. Now that I am past the 60 year mark - much of what used to work is no longer effective. Future goals involve finances to ensure a sustained retirement, personal health to enjoy that retirement and to be able to assist others, and discretionary time to do and enjoy the abundance surrounding us.

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