Day 3 – Evening Musing

Well, again, I have worked on chores until 8 pm and find that I just am not willing to “make” a meal.  Good news for me, I had cooked chicken on Day 1. Bad news is that there is not enough to last past tomorrow.  I guess I just should have stepped away from the internet, dug down deep and finished cleaning out the freezer to have room for extras, that was the excuse this afternoon for not making soup – no room to store it yet.

Not an exciting culinary entry this evening: left over Pressured Chicken and green beans. Nice glass of red wine to round it out. Dessert was a few almonds and two pieces of dark chocolate.  Off now to finish the last of those chores.

No word yet from John today.  Believe he traveled to Dharamsala from Dehli.  I know he will be happy to stay in one place for a while. On this end it is just getting ready for a 4-day work week.


Author: Lizzardlaw

Lawyer - Partner - Mentor - Coach - Life-long Learner - Artist I am working to develop new tools and strategies to exceed personal and professional goals. Now that I am past the 60 year mark - much of what used to work is no longer effective. Future goals involve finances to ensure a sustained retirement, personal health to enjoy that retirement and to be able to assist others, and discretionary time to do and enjoy the abundance surrounding us.

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