Day 3 – Evening Musing

Well, again, I have worked on chores until 8 pm and find that I just am not willing to “make” a meal.  Good news for me, I had cooked chicken on Day 1. Bad news is that there is not enough to last past tomorrow.  I guess I just should have stepped away from the internet, dug down deep and finished cleaning out the freezer to have room for extras, that was the excuse this afternoon for not making soup – no room to store it yet.

Not an exciting culinary entry this evening: left over Pressured Chicken and green beans. Nice glass of red wine to round it out. Dessert was a few almonds and two pieces of dark chocolate.  Off now to finish the last of those chores.

No word yet from John today.  Believe he traveled to Dharamsala from Dehli.  I know he will be happy to stay in one place for a while. On this end it is just getting ready for a 4-day work week.

Day 3 – Columbus Day & Day Off

Why can’t I have a schedule like this every day?  It is 10am and I just finished breakfast … very civilized.
Brunchy Eggs:  Lovely having fresh “fixin’s” in the refrigerator.
Ingredients:  Today I started with 2 eggs, some chives, a large chopped button mushroom, some red bell pepper chopped in to small pieces, some yellow hot pepper (much less than the red and much more finely chopped), a small handful of yellow grape tomatoes left from my garden, an even smaller handfull of grated cheese, a large handful of spinach leaves, a slice of 4:9 Bread, pear preserves, and a little butter for the pan and bread.  What a great way to start the morning!
Prep is very simple:
a.       Chop the things that need to be chopped or hunked
b.      start the heat under the pan, add the butter, wait until the butter sizzles …
c.       add the peppers, mushroom, tomato and stir around a little – you are waiting for all to sweat and for the mushrooms to darken.  I added a little salt at this point to help draw out the fluids
d.      While waiting for that, whisk up the eggs with the chives
e.      Add the spinach to the mushrooms and stir to mix when the leaves start to wilt
f.        When the leaves look like another part of the mushroom mixture it is time to add the eggs.  At this point I also sprinkle the cheese on top now and cover the pan with a lid
g.       Turn down the heat to the low setting and refill your coffee.  Check on the eggs every once in a while – when they are almost done being shiny on the top, you can turn the heat all the way off
h.      Pop the toast in the toaster and find a plate for the eggs
i.         Butter and jam the toast and plop the eggs on the plate.  Voila! “Brunchy Eggs”
So John is somewhere between Delhi and Dharamsala – received an email; we are working on Skype.  The food on the plane was not nearly as good as my food this weekend. Then again, I’m not cooking vegetarian (except this morning’s repast would pass). ❤

Snow Angel

Now it feels like Christmas – the snow angel has found our home again this year. A childlike activity does wonders for raising my mood and putting our blessings into perspective. The city is covered with a blanket of snow this morning. I love this town when all of the roads are white and the pinons and junipers are dropping puffs of snow as the sun warms the branches.